I love Motorsport


And this time every year it’s Bathurst 1000 weekend, Australia’s premiere motor racing event. It’s the one weekend of the year where just about nothing gets done at home. I never miss it.

Mt Panorama where the race is held is located in the city of Bathurst in New South Wales.   1000km’s(621 miles) of racing around a track that is just over 6.2 km’s(3.8miles) long with the highest point of the track being 862 metres above sea level.  161 laps in total.

This is a short video showing just one lap of Mt Panorama.

Most other days of the year Mt Panorama is a tourist road, so you can drive the most famous track in Australia any time that it’s not closed for a Motorsport event.  A little tidbit of history here. The Bathurst city mayor way back in the mid 1930s had a vision for this famous track and set about creating it.  1938 saw the first ever race run up the mountain and almost every year since. The Mayor Martin Griffin now has a corner named after him “Griffin’s Bend”. The track is revered here in Australia by motorsport fans and also across the globe by drivers wishing to come and tackle the mountain and there’s been quite a few who have made the trek over here and had a go. It makes me remember the funniest video I’ve seen when Darrell Waltrip went for a ride with one of our local drivers Jason Bright. You want a laugh? here’s the Link

The V8 Supercars aren’t the only category that races on this weekend. Several different categories of cars get to race here, in their own race of course. Porsche’s Carrera Cup, V8 Utes and Touring Car Masters are just a few of the support races held here. It’s a full weekend of racing!

For me, anyone who knows me will tell you it’s the one weekend of the year where I go nowhere and do practically nothing except watch our Holy Grail of Motorsport. After getting home from work just after lunch on the Saturday I get changed, switch on the TV and sit back to enjoy the racing. Sunday is much the same. Try to get up early enough to watch the support races whilst having a Bacon and Egg brekky followed by settling in to watch the great race.  I hope Ghita knows what she is in for hehehe.  I was raised around cars with my father racing speedway when I was little and my now exwife’s father also raced in his early years.  My kids didn’t stand a chance lol.  Both my son and daughter love cars and being around them too.



Anyway….back to my story……

As the years go by the race starts later and later because every year or whenever the rulechangers decide, the cars get quicker and quicker so this year the race start was 11am.  As history will tell you, there will always be safety cars because of a crash somewhere on the mountain but this year for the first 83 laps not a single safety car was seen.  It’s only happened twice before in the great races history.   After that it all changed though with a few crashes forcing the safety car to come out.  The further the race went on the better it got.  Tighter racing, more incidents and more action.

With motorsport, or any sport for that matter we all have our heroes, mine being drivers like Craig Lowndes in our V8 Supercars and Daniel Riccciardo in F1. We also have our villians.  Those drivers we loathe or love to hate.  Perhaps Kyle Busch in Nascar or Sebastian Vettel in F1.  Well, in V8 Supercars my villians are Jamie Whincup and also Garth Tander.  I’m sorry to say but if Jamie Whicup’s car crashes or breaks something I get that little bit of joy.  Well, again this year at Bathurst he didn’t disappoint me.  You see readers…..Jamie has cost himself and his co-driver the win for the last 3 years with his stupid mistakes.  It’s a good laugh for me.  I feel sorriest for his co-driver Paul Dumbrell who’s had to watch the stupidity from the garage. 2014 Jamie ignored calls to conserve fuel or pit meaning he ran out of fuel.  2015 Jamie ignored a call to pit when a safety car was called out for an incident.  What he did was pass the safety car without instruction to do so which earned him a drive through penalty.  This year a stupid dive at the Caltex Chase forced him to bump young Scottie McLaughlin off onto the grass.  The rules state that if you do something like that and gain advantage you must redress the position and in doing that baulked another driver causing a crash.  A 15 second penalty post race is what Jamie got for it.  It doesn’t sound like much but when the winning margin is less than half a second, you can imagine how far back he finished…… 11th.  Three years in a row they had it in the bag…….and blew it!

The crash involving Whincup

The race was eventually won by Will Davidson and Jonathon Webb, a small team who beat the giants.  Congratulations to both of them, it was well deserved.  Started 17th they did.  At Bathurst it doesn’t matter so much as to where you start but where you are at the end of 161 laps.  Unfortunately for me my heroes didn’t make it due to crashes or mechanical issues but I am still happy with the outcome

Another year has been run and won and again I sat back and enjoyed myself.  What can be better than a Bacon and Egg brekky and getting to sit back and relax watching your favourite sport?

Some people like Football, some like Tennis but for me it’s Motorsport, it’s gotta have wheels lol.  Hahaha I even received some photo’s of my 2 year old Granddaughter who can’t sit still for two seconds, sitting there watching the race.  Maybe it’s in her blood too hehe


My last little video is just a short clip encompassing the whole weekend that was Bathurst 2016

I hope you enjoyed this little post. Just another little snippet of my life and one of my major hobbies.

Till we meet again