Hi guys,

I hope you’ve all had an awesome Christmas.  Well, did you?  I did!  I know it’s not Christmas anymore, I had planned on getting this post done on Christmas day but after everyone had left I fell into my food coma for the rest of the day hehehe

Christmas is a bloody busy time of year, what with buying pressies for the family, grabbing all the food and supplies that we need for that one day of the year.  Now, it’s a man thing so I’m told, that we leave it all to the last minute to get it all done.  Partly true I suppose lol, I picked up the last of the presents for my daughter on Thursday night.  My daughter Ash wanted a tattoo voucher from the tattoo artist that we use, Dale at “True Tattoo”  We’ve been using Dale in our family for many years as his work is top notch.  As for the other presents I had managed to buy them weeks before for my son, granddaughter and the rest of the gang.  Not too bad I think hehe.

Food shopping followed with a trip to the supermarkets to acquire everything else I needed.  Since I am an divorcee my ex-wife and I alternate Christmas lunch.  One year I have the kids for lunch and my ex has the kids the opposite year.  As some of you could imagine and I reakon some of you have to do the same, that means tying everything in together with what the rest of your families are doing.  Family dinners with your kin, cousins, grandparents etc all factor with us finding that fine line between harmony and chaos.

2016 means I got to have the kids for lunch which meant cooking up a storm starting on Saturday morning.  One thing I cook every year is “Lechon Pork Belly”.  The best Pork I’ve ever eaten!  That has to be prepared a day ahead so it can sit the fridge overnight to help dry the skin out better.  I will do a blog post later for my recipe for the pork belly because like I said, it’s the best pork I have ever had, so why not share it, right?  Once I had the pork prepped it was time to move onto dessert and this year I wanted to try something different.  I follow a couple of food pages on Instagram and it was those pages that gave me the inspiration to try making chocolate bowls.  Normally I’d do a Pavlova and fruit salad with some  cheesecake or something else on the side.  Making chocolate bowls was a bit of a challenge for a noob but after doing a little research I was game to give it a go.   Starting with some small pans I melted some chocolate and basically layed some chocolate in the bowls and put them straight into the freezer.  For a filling I used semi-set strawberry jelly in half of them before adding thin sliced strawberries to all of the bowls.

Christmas Eve prep all done!  Apart from wrapping the last couple of presents for my granddaughter I was done for the night.  Midnight, not too bad hehe.

Christmas morning and I was awake at 8 to get a start on cooking and preparing for when the kids arrive for lunch.  That meant getting the pork into to the oven at nine so it’d ready just after midday.  Yes it’s a long cook but so worth it.   Thankfully my daughter volunteered to cook the roast veggies so she  came by early to pick them up making my job that little bit easier. I was a little against roast veggies this year as it was supposed to be hot this year so I was thinking of doing salads instead.  NO was the answer I got, it HAD to be roast veggies.  Ok boss.   As the pork was quite large(2.5kg) there wasn’t a lot of space left in my oven so I had to dig out the electric frying pans to cook the roast chicken and the roast ham, yeah lots of leftovers lol so making space for the frying pans was my next priority.  Now because I live in a unit my kitchen is not huge and when it comes time to cook a feast I have to do some re-arranging so everything I need fits on the benches.  With everything cooking and a little time up my sleeve I had myself a quick shower and shave to make myself look pretty(lol) before finishing the final touches to the dining room and lounge room before everyone arrived.

Midday comes and the kids arrive and once settled in, it’s time for the presents.  My 2 year old granddaughter Mia had been circling the Christmas since the moment she got here trying to suss out which of the presents were hers.  Ten minutes later and there was some very happy kids and a huge pile of torn up wrapping paper on the floor, remnants of all my hard wrapping the last few days.

One of the presents that Santa had bought Mia was a little dog that when you squeezed it’s belly it barked and walked forwards.  Hahaha she was shit scared of it for about half an hour before she finally accepted that it was just a toy and it wasn’t out to get her.  Her main present from me was a retro style tricycle which she loved. She was all over it and trying to tear around the house on it.  Winner!

I didn’t miss out either with the kids getting me some gifts too.  Some Game Of Thrones shot glasses, a mug and a petrol pump drink dispenser were amongst the gifts I received.  As I had no idea what I wanted, when the kids asked, it was up to them to find something they thought I’d like.  Well, I loved them.

Presents all done, it was time to move onto lunch.  Carving up the meat for the platter I was extremely happy that my meat had cooked perfectly. The pork just fell apart as I cut it, it was so moist as was the chicken.  I always get a little worried when I cook chicken, especially a whole chook as I want it to be cooked through, naturally.  Perfect! Cooked through just right and still tender, not dried out.  Filling the table with all that food, the platter of roast meat, another platter of roast veggies and a large bowl of peas and corn, well, it looked delicious!  Just before lunch the boys raced down to 7/11 to grab some Slurpees.  I told you it was supposed to be hot, and hot it was, 36 degrees(96.8f) so Air-con and Slurpees made it all a bit more pleasant. In fact, this Christmas day was the hottest since 1956 i think I heard.

Lunch done and a feast had, the kids had a bit of a rest and a nap while I tidied up a little and prepared dessert.  Now I already had a Cookies and Cream Cheesecake ready to go just in case the chocolate bowls failed but I chose to serve it up alongside the chocolate bowls anyway.  Cheesecake is ALWAYS a hit in my house, everyone loves it.  I reakon it’s the one food I could eat until I threw up hehehe.  Along with the chocolate bowls I brought out a bowl of whipped cream, a tub of vanilla Ice-cream and some crushed Peppermint Crisps chocolate bars.  Help yourself to the toppings kids, go nuts!  It was a success, it was all polished off which made me happy.

Relaxing later with the kids, playing video games and just messing around was an ideal way to finish off my Christmas day with them, all in all an awesome Christmas day.  Still suffering from overeating hehe, once the kids all left to go home I pulled up a pozzie on the couch and just vegged, oh and slept lol.  What a Christmas Day!

I hope everyone out there had an awesome Christmas Day like me.  Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a wonderful new year.