My first rant folks. People….learn how to drive FFS!

I’ve been driving now for more than 20 years and it never ceases to amaze me how stupid some people really are. Maybe not so much stupid, although there is a fair amount of it out there, but more arrogant, ignorant and clueless. I had to drive to the airport yesterday to pick up my son which is an easy hour drive from home. I decided this time to go the long way taking the South Eastern Arterial to Warrigal Rd and then cruising down the highway taking the long way out to the Western Ring Road. Yeah, it’s the long way to the airport but I hate paying the tolls on our already paid for freeways and usually forget lol. I enjoy driving so I don’t mind the extra distance. Why…WHY do people have to drive in the right hand lane on the freeway doing 90kph. Get out of the right lane for fucks sake.If you can’t at least do the speed limit you shouldn’t be there. When you go somewhere and you obviously don’t know your way, don’t stop in the middle of the road while you make up your mind as to where you should be. Plan ahead, read a map, get GPS, whatever. Show some intelligence….please! If you’ve gotten the privilege to drive on the roads, yes it’s a privilege, not a right show some friggin courtesy to those around you who can and will do the speed limit and don’t hold everyone else up

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. I’m told nowadays that learner drivers are told that when turning out onto a multi lane road to go straight to the lane that they want or need. Fair enough……maybe. I understand people need to learn how to drive safely on ours roads, and yes I said people and not just young people. Middle aged people such as immigrants also need to learn to drive here to our road rules. BUT when you have your license, if you’re not confident enough to travel at a decent speed move over. Why ruin everyone else’s trip.

Another thing. What’s wrong with a thank you wave when someone lets you in, or when you stop in a side street to let someone go by? It’s not hard, just raise your hand and give a little wave saying “thanks” Show someone that you appreciate their courteous move. Merging into traffic, another one I can’t understand. Really…do you think that if you let just one person in that they’re going to get that big an advantage over you ?    NO   No they’re not. If people showed a little more courtesy and just let one  car in the traffic will flow better because you won’t have cars racing up further to push in somewhere else and backing things up. We all use the roads and we all have places to go so why not make it go smoother.

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My other pet peeve is on the country trips when you get to an overtaking lane after sitting behind some slow poke to have them suddenly speed up when you get to the overtaking lane. WTF!!!  It’s almost as if that person is deliberately trying to keep you behind them. Then once the lane finishes they go back to crawling.  Thankfully I have the power there if I need it to get past. Yeah I know, maybe I can get a little impatient but I think anyone who’s experienced it will understand.

We need tougher license testing here I believe. I think it’s a bit too easy. I’m all for it. I work with some young drivers and after watching them drive I sometimes wonder “How the fuck did they get a license!”  The old adage “out of a cornflakes box” comes to mind.

Anyhow….if you’re out there driving around, show some courtesy to fellow drivers.What goes around comes around I say. Karma.

And stay out of my way lol

Rant over

Wookie out