Game of Thrones, what if it was real?

I’ve recently caught up with watching all six seasons of GOT and afterwards wondered how it would be to live in that world.  I mean, really would it be any good?  I don’t know. Living in a world where you’re not safe no matter who you are.  I put off watching it for a long time as I didn’t know what all the fuss was about  and I’ll admit it took probably three episodes to really get into it.   Since then I’m hooked, wanting to watch all the seasons that had been released.

But to live in that world, I don’t know.  I mean it doesn’t matter whether you’re a simple villager or royalty, you’re not safe. You could be a simple farmer minding your own business only to have a gang of thieves come in and kill you and your family for no reason other than fun.  Traitors, back-stabbers, two faced friends(supposedly) they all live in this world, the seven kingdoms.

Let’s start with the butcher’s boy Mycah who was friends with Arya Stark.  They were just messing around having a pretend sword fight when that little prick Joffrey came along and made a pain in the arse of himself which resulted in Arya’s wolf Nymeria attacking him.  Now Nymeria was chased away for fear of what would happen to her but Queen Cersei demanded Sansa’s wolf be destroyed in place of Nymeria which Eddard Stark begrudgingly did.  Then Cersei had the Hound(Sandor Clegane) track down and kill Mycah.  The innocent butcher’s boy killed for no good reason.


And what about the Miller’s boys killed by Theon Greyjoy so he could cover up the fact that the Stark boys had escaped. Innocent orphans killed by a coward.

That’s not to mention the back-stabbers like Lord Bolton who after pledging allegiance to Robb Stark then played a bit bit in Robb’s death.  After being in alliance with House Stark for a long long time, once Stannis Baratheon was defeated at the Battle of the Blackwater Roose Bolton began plotting the Stark’s demise which all came about at the Red Wedding.  Lord Bolton and Walder Frey both planned a massacre that would demolish the Stark’s army and ultimately kill Robb Stark and Lady Catelyn with Lord Bolton shoving the final blade into Robb’s heart

And how could anyone trust Lord Baelish.  There isn’t a person alive who was safe from him.  A friend one minute and planning your demise the next.  Sansa should have had him killed the first chance she got.  I know I would!  He married Lady Lysa Arryn and not long after confessed his intentions to Lysa and pushed her out the moon door.  After that he manages to manipulate Sansa into marrying Ramsay Bolton and leaves her behind with the maniac.  Yeah, I’d be knocking him on the head the first chance I got.

Starting to feel safe yet???

The Wildlings or the Free Folk as they called themselves were tribes who for the large part raped, pillaged and plundered villages in their path as they moved South wanting to cross beyond the wall before the next winter.  Why?  White Walkers, that’s why.  No one is safe from them!  If somebody dies, cremate the body otherwise the White Walkers will turn the corpses into Wights, the undead, a bit like a zombie I suppose but harder to kill.  The only way to kill them is either with Dragonglass, and there’s not a whole lot of that around or Valyrian steel and only a select few have swords made from Valyrian steel.  Is anybody North or even South of the wall safe?  At this point in the series it’s not looking great for anybody human.  Bloody hell!!!   Lol.

I’m thinking I’d find myself a boat and bugger off somewhere, search for some place far away from everyone else but wait…………I’d then have to contend with pirates!  Cross the narrow sea to Essos and maybe you could live out your life as a slave.  Or take your chances with the Dothraki perhaps.  I would almost say siding with Daenerys would be a good bet,  the mother of dragons offering some protection but after freeing the slaves the “Sons of the Harpy” set about killing as many of Daenerys’s soldiers and followers.


I’m thinking that I would need to become a great warrior and find a quiet corner where I can live as peacefully as possible for as long as possible and if the time comes where where I need to defend myself I’ll be capable enough to do it.

Otherwise…….Nah, bugger that world!

Till we meet again….