I have whats left of a packet of these Green Tea KitKats. I had never heard of them until a couple of months ago. My wonderful girlfriend across the sea told me how she had received some of these chocolates from a work colleague. I was like….WTF!      I couldn’t imagine how green tea in a KitKat bar could taste any good!  My mistake!

On a recent holiday to Bali (see future posts lol) to see my sweetheart she had gotten me one of these packs of KitKats to taste and bring home with me. They are delicious! I only have a few more bars left and I want more. Unfortunately they’re quite hard to get when you live downunder. I’ve found them on Ebay in Japan and also a couple of Chinese sites that I use but at $17 a pack,    I’ll wait.

So I have found the Japanese love their sweets and there has been about 20 odd different flavours of KitKat available from Strawberry to apple, Mango, Pineapple and even pumpkin and apple vinegar. There is even 3 different Green Tea flavours available depending on where in Japan you buy them.  I’d love to try more, it’s just very hard to get them. If I do, you’ll see it here hehe


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