Once again it’s the Queen’s Birthday long weekend which means a long weekend(sweeeet!!) and Model Expo.  Strange to have a long weekend now when the queen’s birthday was actually 21st April.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining…….no way.  Works been frenetic so an extra day off is brilliant hehehe.  So after dragging ourselves out of bed just before lunch, yeah I know, slack but late nights call for late mornings lol.  That’s my excuse anyway.  So aaahhfter getting out of bed and having a late brekky Ghita and I headed on down to Sandown Racecourse, the home of Model Expo.

If you’ve read my post from last YEAR you’ll know that I have been going to Model Expo for many, many years.  Ever since it was held at the Melbourne showgrounds over in Flemington in fact.  Sandown’s a little bit closer for me, probably a bit more central for a lot of people and a much better venue.

Quality is always high at Model Expo and every year I am still amazed at what is possible and what can be achieved by the model builders.  From the minute detailing on some of the figurines, some of which are only an inch high(25mm) to the imagination of others.  There was a class called “Imagineering” which as the name says, imagination. There wasn’t a lot of entries in this category but this one model really stood out.  Besides it’s size which was quite large the thought that had gone into this wacky creation “Zen Gunboat”was awesome

It’s your go everywhere, do everything Gunboat. From the Bonzai tree on the gunturret to the zen garden to the heli-plane thing on the helipad on the back ready and waiting for your instructions.  It’s got it all hahaha.

This was Ghita’s first time at the Model Expo so we were both snapping pictures of all the models we liked, and that was a lot!  While planes by themselves don’t really do much for me there are some with mind blowing detail that just make you want to look more and more!  The detail in the fuselages, engines and cockpits, you just keep looking for more details.  Take a look at the following pictures and you’ll see what I mean.  Of course photo’s don’t do them justice though

There is a hell of a lot of hours and a hell of a lot of work that goes into all of these models and I’m guessing from personal experience a LOT of patience too.  If you are like me when building, when something doesn’t go quite right you have to just stand up and walk away from your project.  You don’t want to destroy your kit out of frustration.  Stand up, walk away for a while and then come back with a freshened mind and renewed patience.  Like I said……personal experience lol.

A lot of categories make up the competition side of Model Expo, more than 60 different categories covering everything you can think of including junior and intermediate divisions.  I was going to list them all here until I realized just how many there was, so instead I’ll just give you the LINK so you can look for yourself.

Now as I’ve said before, cars are my thing. Rods, customs, race cars I like them all so I am always keen to have a look at them and as usual I wasn’t disappointed. There’s never a huge amount of cars on display, not like planes and military but the detail and quality in the builds is still there.

I love looking at the car models. Seeing what other people have done to their models to get the best out of them, the different ideas.  How about a Toyota 86GT powered by Ferrari.  Unique yes?  A Chevy Luv race car…….different.

A Chevy Luv ute or pickup was basically a rebadged Isuzu ute popular in the U.S. from around 1972-1982

Looking at some of the large scale race cars can give a lot of inspiration.  Details, modifications are all good idea fodder for projects of my own.  To see details such as the brake detail in the Martini Racing Porsche in the above gallery.  From the strut to the caliper and even the brake rotor which pretty much looks like the real deal.  Take a look at the old rusty Bedford Truck with all the rust holes, busted windscreen and damaged fuel tanks.  Keep looking and you’ll find more little details everywhere.

It does spur me on a bit to finally get my own model finished.  A Tamiya Taisan Starcard Porsche 911 GT2

I’ve been building this kit for quite a while now, probably too long hehehe.  Most of it’s complete.  I’m just trying to finish all the decal work.  There is a lot of decals to fit and they are really brittle with several of them splitting or tearing no matter what I do.  I managed to save most of them though and it’d be hard to tell where the tears are.  I had sorta hoped to have it finished for this years Model Expo but nope, didn’t happen.  Oh well, always next year.

Figures or busts always seem popular with quite a few out again this year on display and quite a variety of subjects.  I admire the effort builders make with the figures and busts when you consider a lot of it is hand painted.  I don’t know if my patience would travel that far lol.  Some of the figures don’t forget are no taller than an inch or so.  Tiny!

And of course I can’t forget the Vignette’s or Diorama’s if you prefer.  What’s there left to say really……….amazing! A diorama is something I’d really like to try one day.  To create a scene instead of just a lone model.  Try to tell some sort of story with the display whatever it might be.  Make believe or based on fact, it doesn’t matter, they’re all good.  Some Vignettes are based around an historic event and usually there is some little dialogue explaining the event depicted in the Vignette.  Take for example the Diorama featuring the sub’.  HM Submarine K4 which ran aground on it’s shakedown voyage.  I’ll bet someone got a kick in the arse for that hehehe.

There is lots, lots more that I could talk about today but then I’d have to break it up into two parts for Model Expo lol so what I’ll do is include a couple of galleries down below with more photo’s of models from this year’s Expo.  I think you’ll get the general idea.

We enjoyed Model Expo 2017 and we’ll definitely be back next year, maybe I’ll even have my Porsche finished by then…………..maybe.

Question is, will you be there?

Til next time guys