One of my hobbies you’ll find as we go along is model building/collecting. Something that gives me joy and also pain. A hobby that can sometimes require a lot of patience, something that sometimes can be in short supply hahaha. Something that comes to Melbourne every Queen’s Birthday long weekend is an event called  “Model Expo” . modelexpo

I’ve been going to “Model Expo” for many years, the first time I went being held at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds. Nowadays it’s a little bit closer to me thankfully, with it’s home at Sandown Racecourse in Springvale, and if I remember rightly it was a forced move as the old building at the showgrounds burnt down. It wasn’t a bad idea, the move that is, as the function room at Sandown is much bigger than the little old building at the showgrounds. 20160611_161051

If you some spare time, and you have an interest, even minute, I think it’s well worth going and seeing all the fantastic models on display. The amount of time spent, the amount of detail and the thought that the model builders have put into their creations is incredible. Having said that, I have taken a whole heap of photo’s for you readers to have a gander at.

Scale modelling covers all genres whether it be car’s, bike’s, planes, military or even sci-fi. Whatever your desire, it can just about be found in kit form somewhere and if not, why not scratch build it. Yes, scratch building can be hard but some of the scratch built models I have seen in the past are mind blowing. Modelexpo has a multitude of categories in competition and it doesn’t matter it you want to go big or small in scale. There are figurines as small as 30mm high and there is some planes etc as wide as a metre across the wingspan. Whatever your fancy, it can be built!

Model building isn’t just for the grown ups either. It’s for the little kids as much as it’s for the big kids like me hahaha.

Planes and military make up the majority again this year and I noticed a lot more diorama’s this year which is great. Looking at the amount of detail builders put into their diorama’s is awesome. A lot of time and effort has gone into them. One of my favourite categories to look at.

Models don’t have to be made out of just plastic or metal. These following pics are all made out of card….yes card(cardboard) or heavy paper.

And to save my favourites for last.     Automotive!  Cars are my preferred build and that’s what I like to see the most but there’s not a lot being built compared to planes and military. Still, the quality of those that are shown is high.



I have a lot of photo’s that didn’t make it to this post. Best thing to do….get down there, have a look yourself. Besides the models on display there is a cafe, maybe not the cheapest but the food’s pretty good and plenty of vendors ready to sell you model kits, accessories, books and even tools to help you with your build. I go every year, I wouldn’t miss it.

Now….to try to get my own finished before next year( I say that every year hahahaha)

Till next time

Wookie out