Hi all. As I said last post I thought I’d do a little review post on some of the places we stayed at, ate at and the places we visited on our holiday. None of these reviews are gospel, they are just what I/we thought of these places, good or bad. Thankfully the bad are very few lol.

OK. Now, Ubud, we fell in love with. A bit more relaxed, this is the town/village we’ll be going back to next time. Plenty to see and doubud ex12

Gita Maha Hotel

We stayed for a week and loved it. At the time we stayed it was only ranked as a 2 star hotel. Definitely not! It’s not perfect, the showers could use a little work. No soap holders and the sealing around the base is not the greatest but everything else is great. They don’t have their own restaurant but they do serve breakfast which is huge! The boys there are super friendly and the service awesome. Pool is clean. You can hire a scooter from them and they also have a shuttle into town if so required. The only other gripe, and it was the same in both places we stayed is that the A/C is positioned facing the bed and if you have it on at night you have the cold air blowing on your face. We highly recommend this hotel and will be staying there again next time we go to Ubud.

Ibu Rai Restaurant 

My number 1 place to have dinner in Ubud. Fantastic food and fantastic service. The staff are very friendly and I even learnt a new Indonesian word while I was there, Enak sekali, which means “Very Delicious”

Taco Casa

A little mexican restaurant inUbud, we didn’t get to visit the restaurant but ordered takeaway to our hotel on a rainy day. Some of the best mexican food I’ve ever had, rivaling the mexican food I’ve eaten here at home(I love mexican food lol).

Rondji Restaurant

Perched up on the hill right next door to the Blanco Museum it is a lovely place to have a meal. Good service and the meals we had were excellent. An added bonus is if you can get the right seating on the balcony area there is excellent views of the surrounding areas. If you’re visiting the museum, stop in and have a bite.

Blanco Museum

Have a read of my other posts for the full rundown of this museum, but well worth a visit. Beautiful grounds, beautiful birds and beautiful paintings.

Museum Puri Lukisan

Another museum with beautiful paintings, some of which are very, very old. Very pretty relaxing grounds and you also get a free snack and drink from the cafe within. Don’t miss it.

Cafe Lotus

Situated right in front of the temple “Pura Taman Saraswati” we had a banquet for 2 here and it was delicious. Considering the massive Lotus ponds nearby, mosquitoes weren’t a problem. Eat there at the right time and go and see a traditional dance at the temple behind. Thumbs up here.

Warung Bendega

A pleasant little cafe/restaurant with a grill out front it has a nice atmosphere. We stopped here twice as it’s location is very convenient in the main drag of Ubud and it’s right next door to the banks ATM machine(Mandiri). The only thing I don’t recommend is the duck. I was picking little bits of Duck of the ribcage of the duck. You don’t get a lot of meat. Apart from that everything else was very nice with friendly staff to serve you.

Chez Monique Jewelry

A tiny little jewelry store in the back streets of Ubud, we found them very friendly and helpful when we wanted something special, of course referring us to their silversmithing classes(see previous posts). I think very reasonably priced in store and also the classes. Highly recommended.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Can be tricky to find but well worth finding. A long steep trek down to the waterfall but oh so worth it. Take a look at my previous post for the photos and write up.

Bebek Bengil-Dirty Duck Diner

Disappointed is how I feel about this restaurant. The only bad restaurant we ate at. It came recommended to us but I don’t know why. From having to light the mozzie candles ourselves to stop us being eaten alive, to poor table service and I’m sorry to say average food.   I may seem a little harsh but when the waitress came to set our table, she set my cutlery and plate down in front of me as expected, but then she reached over in front of me and instead of placing the plate  and cutlery in front of my girlfriend she just plonked it on the table. I’m no restaurateur but don’t reach over the top of someone to set a place for someone else. Go around!  My entree had a side of chips which were worse than the oven fries you can buy here. After being disappointed with the duck elsewhere I seen Duck on the menu again. Half Duck blah blah blah….HALF DUCK!   I’m sorry but when I see half duck on the menu I expect to get half a duck, breast and all. All I got was a ribcage with a little bit of actual meat to pick off of it. Are you fucking serious! Unfortunately the nicest thing there was the four different Sambal’s that were served to us. I wouldn’t recommend Dirty Duck Diner to anyone I know. Sorry



The Studio Hotel

The layout of this hotel is good. A mix of hotel and villa’s, we stayed in a villa. The room is nice and comfortable and a good size. It’s quiet in the villa’s most of the time.  However if you plan on keeping food in the little kitchenette be prepared to put up with Gecko’s/lizards who can quite easily get into your room. It did get annoying sometimes chasing them away. I don’t know how often it happens but while we were staying there it rained heavily all day and the surrounding areas flooded and as the bath is actually recessed into the floor the drain backfilled, filling our bath/shower up with dirty water making it unusable until the next day when the water receded and we had it cleaned. A nice place but I doubt that we’d stay there again.

La Laguna Beach Bar and Restaurant

Check out my previous post for my full write up on this place. It’s brilliant to say the least. On the beach, great food, great decor, an excellent place to visit for a feed or simply a look at everything there, and there’s plenty to see. For more pics also check out their Instagram page  La Laguna

Tanah Lot

An absolutely beautiful place to visit. Beautiful temples and beautiful grounds. It is quite a large place to walk around. Plenty of photo ops here. Again, check out my previous posts for the full story. Must see!!!

Geneva Handicrafts Centre

If you are looking for souvenirs and can’t be bothered haggling at the markets, this is one of the places to visit. Two floors of goodies to peruse, and cheap too. When you can buy a shirt for roughly $3au and a facewasher for $1.50au you can’t go wrong.

Krisna Bali

A big souvenir company with 5 outlets there is also plenty of goodies to choose from. Clothing, food, wooden items and many more items. Just be warned. I found the shirts are undersized to what I would normally buy here at home. Buy 1 or 2 sizes bigger and you should be safe.


That wraps up my little reviews from our trip to Bali. I hope you enjoy reading it. It’s taken a bit longer to do this post, I got a bit busy with life hehehe

Wookie out