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Just back from holidays with Ghita where we did a bit more exploring so there was little time to blog. I’m back now lol.

One of the things I’d like to do on this blog of mine is do little reviews on things that I use or buy. Some of it is brand name and some it is no name or elcheapo stuff. You’d be surprised how good some of the “elcheapo” stuff is. I don’t or won’t beat around the bush. If it’s crap I’ll tell you and if it’s good I’ll praise it.

First with it’s head on the chopping blocks is the famous “NutriBullet” blender. If you haven’t seen these in the stores or flogged to death on TV then you must’ve been living in a cave.


Well, as it says on the box “as seen on TV”, that’s where I first saw it, late night TV.  I bought my NutriBullet about 2 years ago now after seeing it on TV one night, actually several nights. It wasn’t available in the stores then so TV was the only place you could buy it. I had never bought anything off of the TV before, call me skeptical but there is a LOOOOOT of stuff being peddled on late night TV and a lot of it just looks like the same shit in a different style.  I mean, how many different styles of exercise equipment, that all do very similar things are being flogged on TV?  How many of them really work.  Paid actors and fit, buff people seem to be the only ones seen using it.

I bit the bullet, so to speak and bought my “NutriBullet” one night after much deliberation and waited about a week to receive it.  The non-stick frying pan and knife set also helped sell it to me.  The frying pan…..Awesome!  The knife set……Crap really but I keep them if I need to butcher something that I don’t want to waste my good knives on.  Waste not, want not, isn’t that what they say? hehehe.

So my “NutriBullet” arrived and I was eager to try it out, of course.  In the box came the “superfood nutrition extractor”, 2 types of blades, the “extractor” blade and also a milling blade.  Two smaller cups, one with a handle, one without and one large cup along with lids and lip rings for the cups.  Also in the package was two books, the “user guide & recipe book” and “NutriBullet natural healing foods” book, both of which I found very handy and informative.

For the first couple of weeks my NutriBullet copped a hiding with me running down to the market and buying all sorts of fresh fruit and veggies to try in it.  It would get used one, two or even three times a day making everything from superfood smoothies right through to milkshakes, it did it all.  I would have a smoothie for breakfast, maybe another after work when I got home and if it was hot enough outside a milkshake.  Something I’m still not sure of but kept in mind was that a friend told me to watch how much I was consuming.  Even though it’s all healthy, one smoothie for me would contain 1 banana, an apple, frozen berries, baby spinach, some watermelon if I had it, a pear and/or carrot along with goji berries and maca powder with chia seeds.  All that in one drink whereas I would’n’t eat half of that in one sitting.  Food for thought

It still gets a lot of use though as I enjoy making the smoothies.  Besides being healthy, they are really tasty.  Throw in a banana or two, some apple, frozen berries with some cinnamon and milk, it makes for a fast AND filling drink.  A brekkie smoothie for me sometimes would be banana, apple, berries, baby spinach, goji berries or cranberries and a little oats.  I’d take it to work and sit on my toolbox and drink it while I worked.  I did find that sometimes if there was too much oats it would get really thick after a little while and I could almost use a spoon and eat it instead of drinking it.


Some of the recipes in these books are quite delicious but there is no limit as to what you can make in the NutriBullet. Like I said before I’ve made milkshakes on a hot day and ice cubes are no match for the extraction blade.  Now unlike the books or commercials say it doesn’t completely demolish all things.  The tiny seeds in some of the frozen berries stay intact but they’re so small it doesn’t matter.  Anything else that goes in is destroyed, much better than a blender.

The milling blade also works extremely  well. I needed some crushed nuts crushed even more for some Fresh Lumpia we we’re making and the milling blade turned the crushed nuts into powder…….perfect!

I’ve seen some reviews online before about a greasy or oily smell coming from the NutriBullet after use and yes I smelt it once.  Just once.  A quick wipeout of the NutriBullet with a damp sponge seemed to have cured that and I think if you follow the instructions and don’t run it longer than a minute or so you shouldn’t have any real drama’s.  It is a bit noisy but what blender isn’t, right?

My NutriBullet is going on two years old now so it’s only got the 600 watt motor where I see now the newer ones have up to 1700 watts.  I’m not sure what they’re like, maybe if NutriBullet were to read this they could send me one to try out hehehe(wishful thinking lol). I’d give it an honest review lol.  My old 600 watt model is doing me just fine though. It does everything I ask of it without any issues.

I would definitely have to give it a thumbs up.  Worth the money spent on it and if it does ever pack it in I will replace it for sure.  I would recommend it to anyone thinking about buying it.

So the “NutriBullet” is safe from the chopping block….

Til next time folks



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