As some of you may have noticed, I can be a little slow in getting some of my posts out. Simple answer, LIFE!

My blog is a hobby for now and I am only 1 man and as most women will tell you, we can only do one thing at a time hahaha. Outside of this blog I do have some sort of a life and I seem to be able to make myself quite busy at times. Besides working a regular job at a Dealership I have a few projects on the go, maybe too many sometimes. I’ll see something and think….I want to have a crack at that as you will see in the future. My latest project is slowly coming along, not far from finished. I saw a video on Facebook showing someone making a light globe Terrarium. That got me interested so amongst other things i have been slowly getting it built and I must say(touch wood) it’s looking pretty good. I’ve been taking photo’s along the way to show anyone interested just how I went about it….a tutorial you might say. I’ve taken a bit of an interest in Terrariums and I’m also preparing for my next one which will be in an old aquarium that’s been sitting in the garage.

I’m also looking into a couple of different business ventures that will hopefully bring in some extra cash, just something on the side, after hours just to supplement my income or maybe in the future replace my current income. If they work out for me, I’ll let you know. It all takes time.

Of course I have a relationship with my beautiful girlfriend  Ghita  and we are constantly making plans for our future and holidays, another trip to Bali, maybe Java and even Japan, but one thing at a time lol. First we want to get her here on a more permanent basis, so there is a fair bit involved in doing that, including bringing her pet cat “Mumun” with her which gives us a whole other set of challenges. Oh well….it’s all good hehe.

Of course I have my kids and a granddaughter to help keep me occupied as well. Stress, challenges, fun but most of all Love!

I have plenty of ideas for topics too. I plan on doing a post about LDR(long distance relationships) and dating someone overseas. The joys, the strains, the scammers and what to look out for. All first hand experience.

Then there’s the legal system here. My views, and my views only mind you. I’ll be giving my two cents on jail sentences, what the police are or aren’t doing and what needs doing in Melbourne in particular.

I have a view on just about anything, just ask hahaha. Not everyone may like what I say. I don’t care really. Most people will have different ideas on things, so if I get up your nose….Bad Luck and….sorry.

Of course I’ll be continuing my posts on the nicer things in life too, and my next post will be continuing our holiday here in Melbourne and Victoria taking in places like Healesville Sanctuary and the Great Ocean Road.

So stay tuned readers. If you like something I’ve written, don’t hesitate to click the like button or even leave a comment and if you want to know when I’ve written something new, just hit the subscribe button and you’ll receive an email notification.

Cheers guys

Wookie out


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