As you have probably guessed this little post is all about those lovely phone charger cables.  You know, the genuine cables that won’t last the life of the phone.  We’ve all had one or are even still using one.  That’s probably not a good idea though.  What do you do about it?  Do you have to run out every time your genuine charger cable starts to fray?

Now I’m a Samsung user through and through, my phones and my tablet but it doesn’t matter what brand phone you have your charger cable will most likely suffer the same fate, fraying right next to the plug.  I have tried some of the cheaper or supposedly better replacements when it comes to charger cables and I am currently trying a couple of flat ribbon charger cables on a spare phone that I use as a spare alarm clock(yes I seem to need more than one alarm to wake me up most mornings lol) so I can’t really say as yet how long they will last.  Genuine is always better it seems but why don’t they last?  I don’t mistreat my cables buy pulling from the cable itself or misusing them in any other way but they still eventually fray which quite frankly is a pain in the arse.

My S6 that I currently use for my daily life has fast charging which is an awesome idea considering all the stuff I have on my phone.  Apps, games and all the other odds and bods that I have on my phone take their toll on battery life.  I will make sure my phone is charged every morning before I go to work but it will usually need a charge somewhere around mid-evening.  So my chargers and the cables do get a workout.  I need cables that support fast charging and not all cables can do that.  Especially some of the aftermarket ones.  I have tried a few of the aftermarket cables in the past including the “stronger” braided charger cables that would fast charge for a while, then for no good reason stop fast charging.  How do we protect our genuine charger cables so they don’t fray?

There is a few different items available on the world wide web that will help save your precious cables but you don’t necessarily need to buy something to save your cables.

For a while I had wrapped my S6’s cable with sticky tape in the hope that the tape would help protect it and up until I cut the tape off it, it had done it’s job. I wanted something a little better looking though.

After a little looking around I came across these spiral cable protectors so I bought a pack from Aliexpress,one of my favorite online stores.   Coming in a pack of ten cable protectors there is plenty to cover my cables.  My cable protectors were advertised as coming in a variety of colours but as you can see from the picture it wasn’t much of a variety.   Three black, a couple of brown ones with a couple of white, pink and orange ones were what I got.  Oh well.  Coming in a loop you need to find the join and separate them from that joint otherwise as I found out you end up with two pieces instead of one long one.  Yeah I found out the hard way lol.  Starting right at the butt of the plug I started with just a black spiral until I got onto the cable itself where I fed in a white spiral running the two colours alternatively.  it’s slow going let me tell you, twisting the two colours together around my cable while keeping it tight and close together.  Occasionally you need to push the coils together to keep it nice and neat and it gives a better finish to the cable.

While I have used these spiral protectors on my S6 cable there is a multitude of videos on Youtube on how to protect your charger cable.  Some fascinating ways to try and protect your cable but I wouldn’t agree that all the methods would work properly.  My theory is the problem lies with the plastic sheath is stretching or perishing with use so you need to have a way to keep the sheath pulled up to the plug like factory.  Some of the videos I watched have something whether it was a spiral wrap or para cord where the wrap was down on the cable below the plug,  so to me it’s going to be ineffective as protection. Each to their own I suppose.

Now, before I finish this post off I’ll show you this retractable charger cable that Ghita had sent over for me.  Made by Cafele it comes in it’s own little zip up pouch and is capable of charging both android with micro USB and also Apple iphone5 and 6.  It’ll come in handy in the car or for travelling AND it supports fast charging so I’m happy.  I’ll try it out for a while and perhaps in the future do a little review.


Til next time guys,

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