Hi reader’s.  It’s a rare case that we ask for help but on this occasion we are.  You see Ghita will be moving to Australia in a few months to live with me which is awesome but costly.  Our problem lies with Mumun, her almost 2 year old cat.  We cannot now afford to bring Mumun over here with Ghita.  Unfortunately and fortunately Australia’s quarantine laws are very strict.  Fortunately because the laws are there to protect Australia’s Flora and Fauna.

Unfortunately for us it makes things very difficult in bringing Mumun to Australia.  Ghita and Mumun both live in Indonesia and Indonesia is an non-approved country when it comes to Australian quarantine laws.

Non-approved Country

A country that is not approved by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources for export. Countries that are not listed in the group listings above are non-approved countries. Details on what you need to do to import a cat or dog​ from a non-approved country can be found on the department website.


Approved Country

An approved country is any country, administrative region or territory from which the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources permits the importation of cats and dogs and their semen.

Approved countries have been able to demonstrate that they have adequate animal health services and a satisfactory animal health status. This provides a high level of assurance in the treatment, management and health status of cats and dogs imported into Australia.

There is a lot of serology tests and the like that have to be done in Indonesia alone before Mumun would be able to go to Malaysia, an approved country where she would have to stay for a short while before being allowed into Australia.  Once in Australia Mumun then has a short stay in quarantine before being delivered to us here in Melbourne.  I could go into a lot more detail here about what exactly is required but I’ll be going forever lol.

Rabies tests(several), all vaccinations(allready done), microchip and he list goes on and on.  Export and import permits for Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia are also required.

Our other option was to leave Mumun with a friend until such time as we could afford it or even give her away to someone who would love her and care for her like Ghita does but to our dismay no one is willing to help us out.  The general consensus in Indonesia when it comes to cats is that unless they are purebred or have some pedigree they have no real value to anyone and aren’t considered a pet so much as a dog.  It’s quite upsetting to Ghita and also to me as the thought of having to leave Mumun with a vet or worse with someone who won’t look after her where she’ll end up on the streets is something we dread.  Mumun has always been an indoors cat, rarely going outside and she has always been kept clean, fed and healthy.  To sometimes hear my Ghita cry at the prospect of what may become of Mumun makes me sad and so we have come to try this one last option.

It was suggested to us to take a look at GoFundMe a fundraiser website where you can share your plight with friends and the world.  After looking at the site and seeing similar fundraisers on there we decided why not, what do we have to lose by trying.  Of course there is a lot and i mean a LOT of worthy causes on there, and yes there is a lot perhaps more worthy than ours but we have to try.

All the expenses to bring Mumun to Australia including the agents fee’s, the remaining tests, flights etc comes to a little over $5000……OUCH!

We have set up our fundraiser as you can see from the above pic in the hope that people out there in the big wide world will see it and donate to our cause.

Why spend so much money on a cat?  Yes I’ve been asked that.  Mumun is not just a cat, she is family and she is dearly loved by Ghita, she is her baby so to speak.  When Ghita was alone Mumun was there.  maybe just a cat to some people but not to us.  She is a dearly, dearly loved member of the family and we would love nothing more than to be able to bring her here to Australia to be with us.  If Mumun is here with us she’ll have a good life whereas back in Indonesia there is no guarantee as to what will happen to her.


So reader’s I’m asking, please take a look at our fundraiser and if you can, please donate to our cause, big or small, it all matters, it all makes a difference and please share, share, share

Anything we receive will be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys