Hey readers,

Well, as the the title reads my daughter’s car was stolen on Friday morning.

And this is one time that I’d have to thank social media for helping us to get it back.

I woke up as begrudgingly as usual.  It was a work day after all, I just wanted to sleep.  Little did I know that this Friday wasn’t going to turn out like your average Friday.  As per the norm I drag myself out of bed, put the kettle on and go hop into a nice hot shower.  Once I had gotten out I could hear my mobile phone ringing from my bedroom.  I was wondering who’d be calling me at 7:30 in the morning but as I reached my phone I saw 8 missed calls and 5 messages. WTF!  Just after that it rang again.

It was my daughter’s boyfriend Aaron.  “Hey…what’s up?”  “Ash’s car has been stolen!” was the reply I got.  Fucking what!!!!!!  I could hear my baby girl crying her eyes out in the background.  Hearing your kids crying like that rips your heart out.  “I’ll be there ASAP!”   Have you ever had one of those moments when you are so filled with rage, so pissed off, so many things running through your head that you can’t think straight?  I was having that moment.  Once I collected my thoughts I got myself ready and headed straight over to my daughter’s house, and not knowing when the car was taken I was keeping a vigilant eye out in case I spotted it.  Well you wouldn’t believe it……I did see it!  Driving the opposite way with several people inside.  That time of the morning there is a lot of slow school traffic on a narrow road so getting my car turned around was a nightmare.  I took off after them but the delay in turning around meant losing them.  Fuck!!!(pardon my french folks, I was saying a lot worse in the car believe me).  I drove up the road a bit in the hope I would spot it again but no, it was gone.

Finally getting to my daughter’s house I was met by my sobbing daughter Ash.  She had already called the police and was waiting for them to arrive.  After consoling her some, we set about getting the word out that it had be stolen.  Facebook was our first choice, I mean why not, just about everyone is on Facebook nowadays so we got the posts out there on our pages and all the local crimewatch pages as well as stolen car pages and registers.  I also got in touch with my son Brad and got him to put the word out as well. We wanted as much coverage as possible!

It didn’t take long for the messages to come through from Facebookers about where they had seen it.  One lady around the corner told us that she’d seen it just after 3:30 am parked out the front of her house with the crims talking to someone in another car.  Later on just after lunch and after the Police had been we got reports of several sightings in an estate about 10km’s away so after informing the Police of this I jumped back in my car and went looking myself.  No good.  After a couple of more empty leads I headed back to my daughter’s house to wait for any more news.

Now, due to a few thefts in their street the neighbour across the road had set up several security cameras on the front of the house so we managed to get in contact with her to look at the footage once she got home from work.  Once the neighbour got home my daughter went across to watch the footage while I stayed by the phone.  The following video’s are cut down but we found that the crims had already circled the block once or twice before parking several house’s up the street for about 20 minutes before moving closer and eventually stealing the car.  As you’ll see in the video’s the crims weren’t in any particular hurry, obviously making sure they were quiet.

These video’s as you can see were taken with a phone as the video’s are all stored on a hard-drive which the Police were going to borrow and download the video’s from it.

Late in the afternoon I headed home as Ash’s friends came over to keep her company and I had a rotten headache as i realized I’d barely drank anything all day except a coffee in the morning.  A little while after i got home I had just started to rest when Ash’s boyfriend Aaron rang me.  “They found the car!”   What….really?  “Where is it?”   Given the address I chucked some paracetamol down the hatch and left praying the car was in one piece.  Thankfully it was, a bit dirty but intact.  The Police had already been called and we just had to sit and wait until the Police got there before anything could be touched.  Once the Police arrived they checked the car over and having given my daughter a pair of rubber gloves asked her to check and see if anything was missing.  A small panel under the radio was missing as well as a Pikachu doll that lived on the dashboard.  The Crime Investigation Unit arrived shortly after and fingerprinted the car and went through the items left behind by the crims.  Wasn’t that stupid, the crims had left items behind with their names on it, HAHAHAHA.

All done, we were able to take the car home. Actually we brought it to my house for a while until we upgrade it’s security a bit. Better locks and GPS tracking will go into it now just to make it harder to pinch.

It’s not an expensive car, not by any means but it’s my daughter’s first car and her pride and joy.  She loves it and it does everything she asks of it.  The most important part of getting it back was a HUGELY sentimental photo of her and her great grandmother who she loved dearly.  It was still in the car which was a huge relief.

I don’t put all my life on Facebook unlike people I know, somedays I won’t even look at it. Sometimes it gives me the absolute shits,  but for once I have to say a massive thanks to the friends and people who do look at it. Without them the car may still be missing now.  My daughter’s friend who found it by chance, we cannot thank her enough.

THANK YOU to all who helped us get my baby girls car back.


Well….stay tuned for my next adventure….hopefully nothing like this one hehehe