So since I started writing this post with myWordpress not working I have started looking at the newly released Samsung Note 8.  A trick looking phone but with a higher price tag.  Lets see what happens lol

Hey reader’s, long time no see.  Sorry, things have been a little flat out here.  I have a gorgeous little grandson now,well actually he’s 3 months old now and awesome.  And I’ve had to do a little background work on this blog too.  After some recent updates my blog decided it didn’t want to let me do too much.  Fingers crossed I’ve got it all sorted.  Oh well, shit happens lol.

So I’ve been doing a little pondering the last few days.  A quandry(if you could call it that) about Telco’s and mobile phone plans.  We’ve got 4 major phone companies here in Oz plus a few little lesser known ones.  Did you know Safeways/Woolworths do prepaid and postpaid phone plans?  More about them later.



My current phone plan runs out in a couple of weeks with Telstra and I’m looking to get the new Samsung S8+ but after about 20 years of being a loyal customer I have become disappointed with them, their service and their products.  My current contract was taken out in October 2015(standard 24 month contract) and that’s when it all began.  When I took out my contract at the Telstra store they gave me a bluetooth speaker and a glass screen protector “for free”.  You will see a $10 accessory on your monthly bill but at the bottom of the bill there will be a $10 credit.  Something they had to do to write off giving away freebies or some crap.  Cool….no worries.  When my phone bill comes I usually don’t pay too much attention to it unless something rings a bell.  Stupid thing to do I know.  After about 9 months had passed I got curious about how much it was all costing me, my bill seemed a bit high.  Sure enough I had been charged the $10 accessory fee BUT I found that I wasn’t being credited as promised.   Long story short, after finally pinning the manager down and having him sort it out there, in store and then to find out a few months later that it’s happening again I’m a little annoyed to put it mildly.  Don’t even start me on their internet!  Want my advice, stay away from Telstra internet.  It’s crap!


So who do I go to for my phone?

When I started looking at phone plans I  came across the Woolworths phone plans and thought WOW they’re cheap.  And they use the Telstra network.  No, they only use parts of Telstra’s network so coverage can be lacking, so they got ruled out pretty quickly.  Looking at all the phone plans currently available I found Virgin offered the best deal and for the best price whereas Telstra is the most expensive by far with Optus and Vodaphone somewhere in between.

Like I said earlier I’ve been with Telstra for 20 odd years so going to a different telco is something new, not that that’s a bad thing but I’m definitely doing my homework first.  It’s not just about price either, no, don’t get me wrong.  It’s not use getting an awesome deal if the service and network quality just isn’t there.

I started looking for reviews on the internet for all the major players, Telstra, Optus, Virgin and Vodaphone and to be honest none of them scored well.  Looking at none of our telco’s came out shining.  Out of 5 stars Telstra only manages 1.5 stars, Optus 1.4 stars and Virgin and Vodaphone 1.8 and 1.6 stars respectively.  Ok so the reviews will always be a little biased because people will more often share bad experiences than good, but of all the bad comments mention the same things.  Customer service is at the top of the complaints list followed by network coverage and data usage.  There are a few good reviews in there as well but not a lot.  There are other websites out there offering reviews but I’ve just used productreview for my example here.

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Price wise for the S8+ Telstra is the most expensive.  At the time of writing Telstra wants $111 a month for their plan with just 5gb of data while Optus offers the same for $85pm with 7gb of data.  Choosing Vodaphone will get you the S8+ for $96pm  with 6gb of data and if you like Virgin you can get the S8+ for $80pm with 5gb of  data.  I’ve only really looked at plans with  5 or more gbs of data as anything less will be pretty useless to me and many of you out there.  1gb plans!……I’d go through that in no time!    And get this readers, Virgin Mobile have a range of offers on their website on a range of their phones.  The S8+ for example can be bought alone on the above mentioned plan  OR  you can get the same phone with the Gear Fit2 and Gear VR in a bundle, with the same 5gb of data for $90pm or S8+ with the Gear S3 smartwatch for $95pm.

Some tough choices there now.  Telstra is  the most expensive out the major players but is the price justified?  Are they that far ahead of the  pack that they can justify being $15 a month more than their nearest competitor?  I don’t really think so…..especially their service!

I was on the phone to Telstra’s complaint resolution team sorting out a credit on a bill when the operator noticed my contract was ending soon.  She said “oh i see your contract is finishing soon, are you thinking to renew it?” to which I replied ” yes but not with Telstra”.  There was a strange silence on the other end  of  the phone followed by “oh”.

Sorry but I had already been sitting on the phone for an hour!

My choice hasn’t been made yet, I still have a little time to make a choice so I’ll be doing a bit more research before making a decision.  The contract is for 2 years so it’s gotta be right  for me.

While I make my decision guys and girls and chose a phone and network leave a message or a comment if you’ve had a great experience with a Aussie telco.  I’d love to hear about it!

I’ll let you all know how it goes

Bye Bye