Hey all,

Over the next little while my blog here will go through a few changes.  Nothing too major I hope lol but as with everything there is always room for improvement.

Changes to the theme and layout, to make it more appealing to myself and hopefully to you visitors and readers and improving usability.

It’ll take a little while to sort out and get it just the way I want but my blog will always be available to view.

Choosing a new theme is taking longer than I thought it would.  This current theme was good for a starting base but I want some more visual appeal, but the choices theme wise are HUGE.  Finding one that has everything that I want is difficult.  If I was up to date with coding and such it’d probably be easier but it’s been ages since I’ve played with it so I am rusty hehehe.

Nonetheless I’ll get it done and I’ll have something that I’m happy with.  It may change more than once too!  I can be a little bit of a perfectionist at times which can make it unnecessarily harder for myself but that’s life lol.

So don’t go away, stick around for the ride and we’ll see what happens.

And of course suggestions and/or feedback is most welcome.

Cheers guys