My first official post here…..finally.   Valentine’s day…..a day for love. The exact origin is a little sketchy but it goes back a long way. Not just another bit of crap we copied from America.

maybe it all started when Saint Valentine of Rome was marrying young soldiers after it was outlawed because soldiers with wives and families seemed to be more of a liability.

While incarcerated he may have fallen for the jailer’s daughter and before his execution left her a letter signed “From Your Valentine”

Who know exactly. Look at different websites and get slightly different theories.

Nowadays it’s all about Love. I have my Valentine and I love her very much and we have our own way of showing our love for each other. It’s about having that special someone in your life. Someone who can make you feel special and loved.    I have that 🙂                                                                            Valentines-Day-Gifs-1


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