As I mentioned in my last post, when my girlfriend was visiting me here, we got out and explored Melbourne and a little part of Victoria.  In this post I want to share with you readers a day in the mountains. Namely Mt Dandynong.  As Melbourne was showing us some shitty weather it wasn’t the warmest outside. On this particular day we decided to visit a place called William Rickett’s sanctuary.




Situated on Mt Dandynong Tourist Rd we took a stroll through the park. William Rickett’s Sanctuary is filled with sculptures carved out of various materials although mostly clay from memory. Most of the sculptures feature Australia’s indigenous Aboriginals in different settings. More than 50 sculptures adorn the pathways and gardens nestled in amongst the ferns and trees. There is a lot of information on the sculptures and also the artist, William Rickett and how he came about living there in a little hut on the hill. Now…..I’m not a huge art buff…..boorrriiinnnggg, but to see the work and detail that’s gone into each sculpture is quite amazing. This place is well worth a visit. For more information visit


After grabbing some lunch we drove to Olinda Falls Picnic grounds in the hope of seeing some Kookaburra’s while we ate. Every other time I’ve been there to eat, they’ve always been hanging around looking for some free food. Not today however, but I’m not surprised as it was a bit chilly out. Oh well, next time maybe.

Taking the walk down to the falls is fairly easy, although it can be a tad slippery when it’s been wet. You have 2 options here Take the path to the bottom of the falls or go to the top. Of course we went both, why not?     I’ve been to Olinda Falls several times before but this time I noticed a lot of leaf matter,  sticks and branches in the falls and the little streams which does detract from the view a little. Maybe Parks Victoria should get in there every now and then and have a bit of a clean up. Wouldn’t hurt. Still We enjoyed seeing the falls from top to bottom and managed to grab some nice snaps while we were there.

Now readers, if visiting Melbourne and you’d like to see some penguins, you can either go to Phillip Island OR you can go to St Kilda. Yep! We have a little penguin colony based down in St Kilda on the end of the breakwater. Now in case you didn’t know, the breakwater helps protect St Kilda harbour and is an extension of St Kilda pier. Finding a parking spot isn’t easy with limited parking anywhere near the pier.

Stroll to the end of the pier past  the pavilion onto the start of the breakwater and soon after you will be able to see some little penguins. No flash photography is allowed and no bright torches, it frightens the penguins. If you want to take some light, wrap some red cellophane over the end of your torch. There is some guides available to show you the penguins and also give you any information you like on the area and the penguins. Beats driving down to Phillip Island hehehe. There is an area right at the end of the breakwater which is closed to the public which is obviously a safe haven for the penguins. The night we were there, there was no shortage of penguins to be seen which made us very happy

Standing on the breakwater also provides some beautiful views across the harbour to the city. All in all it’s a very pleaseant evening. A nice stroll, Penguins, great views and free…well…apart from the parking lol.

That’ll do for now. I’l have more for you next time

Wookie out