Visiting the city I live in?   Yep. Sounds strange?    Maybe.  I’ve lived in Melbourne for more than 25 years and somehow haven’t seen or visited some of Melbourne’s or even Victoria’s icons, I suppose you could call it. Recently when my girlfriendhttp://www.missacrossthesea.blogspot.co.id flew out to Melbourne to visit,   well,   I had to show her around. We already had a list of places we wanted to go and things we wanted to see or do so yes, we had already been doing our homework.  Maybe because we live here we see something, an attraction maybe.  and because it’s a permanent attraction or it’s something that we know will always be around we get a little lax to go and experience it……..I dunno!

Now, our typical Victorian weather did us no favours at all, and seeing that a lot of the things we wanted to see were outdoors, it made it hard. I’m not arguing though entirely because it gave us plenty of time to just snuggle on the couch watching a good movie.

One of the first things we did after she had settled in was go to the drive-in theatre http://www.lunardrive-in.com.au .   As my girlfriend is from Indonesia the idea of the drive-ins is a bit of a foreign concept, but something she wanted to see. Personally I think the drive-ins are great, I’d rather go there than the cinema’s. Cheaper. It’s $13 per adult or $25-30 for a carload of people. The food, I must say for “Lunar drive-ins” out in Dandenong is really good. Park your car, tune your stereo in to the drive-ins frequency, roll the seat back a bit and relax in your own personal space.

The movie we saw was “Captain America-Civil War” and we enjoyed it immensely. Having bought ourselves some buckets of chips, popcorn and hot jam doughnuts we sat back and enjoyed ourselves watching the movie.

Our next little adventure was into the CBD to meet up and have lunch with a friend of my GF’s who is studying here in Melbourne. After visiting St Pauls Cathedral down on Flinder’s street we walked around until we found a nice little dumpling shop in Flinder’s Lane called “E Dumpling”.  Great food but a little lax in table service. We had to get our own cutlery from another table.

Following that we took a walk along the Yarra River down to crown casino for a cappuccino at Cafe Baci. Great coffee! I’ll leave it at that lol.

We paid a visit to Eureka Skydeck 88 to enjoy the skydeck views , 88 floors up. After a fast ride up in the elevator, oh and I mean fast! It takes 38 seconds to go from the ground floor to the 88th floor and your ears pop half a dozen times on the way up. The views of Melbourne are amazing and as we got there as the sun was setting we got to see Melbourne in daylight and night….Awesome!!



A trip to the Melbourne Star was in order after that after retrieving the car from one of the CBD’s million carparks. The Melbourne Star is something else that I hadn’t been to before. i gave it a miss in it’s early days, especially after they found the cracks in the wheel. Time to take a ride! I dunno but it’s not cheap to ride at about $35 each for adults. Once in a lifetime ride maybe. Once you walk upstairs on your way to the wheel, there is a photographer standing by with a camera to take your picture in front of a painted wall. More on that later. I’m not a huge fan of height I must say, so when we first stepped into the cabin I was nervous. The cabins are big inside, and airconditioned and are capable of carrying up to 20 people. Luckily we managed to get a cabin to ourselves which gave us plenty of room to move………once I got game to get off the bench seat in the middle of the cabin lol.

Maybe it’s easier riding the wheel at night time but once we started moving I started looking at the scenery and it didn’t feel so bad. it was fine!  Each ride takes approx’ 30 minutes so there is plenty of time to admire the views of Melbourne in all directions. Moving around the cabin feels quite safe and even myself who can have a problem with some heights, forgot about my fear/phobia and just enjoyed my ride with my girlfriend soaking up the night time views of our Melbourne.

Once your ride is finished and you disembark from your cabin, you follow the walkway down to the souvenir shop. I think it’s quite clever how some of these tourist attractions deliberately force you to go via the gift shop on your way out. Looking through the souvenirs in the shop you will find a souvenir photo book which has three photo’s of yourself that were taken before your ride. At $40 we both decided to give it a miss this time having a ton of our own photo’s that we took while we were here. We thoroughly enjoyed this day in our Melbourne and only the first on this holiday


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