Well readers, if you’ve been following my little(not sure about little) story about our trip to Bali, this is our second week which we spent in Seminyak. A big difference to Ubud.

We stayed in a hotel called “The Studio” choosing to stay in one of their “Budget Villa’s”. It’s a nice hotel, the villa’s are nice but unfortunately prone to intruders of the gecko/lizard variety. The layout of the hotel and villa’s is good and it’s quite quiet but I’d be hesitant in staying there again. I’l explain better later when I do some reviews.



The very first thing we did was hire a scooter so we could get around. $10au a day with insurance, not bad. We didn’t want to waste any time getting out and about.  Wow!  The traffic in Seminyak is hectic. I had gotten used to riding around Ubud and the traffic there, but the traffic was on a whole different level in Seminyak. This was Saturday and this was when I got the famous Bali Belly. WTF! I don’t know what got me, maybe the ice in my coke or the salad that came with my meal but Saturday night I was feeling very nauseous and my toilet trips, well, you don’t really need to know. I wasn’t running for the loo but when I went, it wasn’t pleasant. By 5am Sunday morning I was vomiting and running a fever. Crap!!! After resting it out to rid myself of the fever for the next day I decided to hit Google looking for a remedy. I looked at all the Forums and websites with info and tips and we then hit the supermarkets to buy what we thought might help cure it. Pocari Sweat and Yakults along with Guava juice were among a few of the goodies we bought  in the hope we could nail this Bali belly on the head. A day or two later we made the trip to a local doctor who then told me….No Yakult(probiotics are good but not the dairy), no juice and no Pocari Sweat. DOH!  Oh well.

TIP: if you have to go to the doctors in Bali, they will most likely try to sell you the medicine themselves. Don’t buy it from them. Get a prescription and go to the chemist. The chemist is nearly half the price of the doctors($70 difference). I was also  told to eat plain food like steamed rice and dry toast…..Oh Yay.  It is actually fairly hard to find plain steamed rice and dry toast in Bali especially when you order take-out from the hotel. In the end I decided “Fuck it” I’m not letting this Bali Belly ruin our holiday any more than it had. I’ll worry about it when I get home I decided and started enjoying real food again.

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple is roughly an hours drive or ride from Seminyak but it’s well worth the ride. Beautiful views can be expected from here as you walk around the large grounds. Tanah Lot Temple itself is perched upon a large rock just off the coast and it’s only accessible at low tide and even then be prepared to get wet feet. There is a ton of photo opportunities in the grounds from many different vantage points. We chose not to get wet feet this time, but we still didn’t miss out on anything by not going into the temple. This place is beautiful! There is also a second temple perched out on a cliff top not far from the main temple. Unfortunately you can’t get to it but you can still get a good look at it. There is also an abundance of gift shops and sellers there so picking up a souvenir is easy.


La Laguna

La Laguna is a quirky restaurant located in Canggu, Bali. We actually turned down the wrong road looking for the entrance and thankfully the staff there gave us directions to the carpark, yes they need some better sign posting for the carpark as it’s down a dirt road. Walking into La Laguna, you walk by some old gypsy caravans set out on display, a good photo opportunity here. We loved this place. There is always something to look at, from  little trinkets, statues and figurines scattered around the place to the several little nooks to sit and eat and enjoy the view of the beach. There is access to the beach  via an old timber style bridge.

The food is excellent here and as i said there is several places you can sit and eat and we chose to sit just under the roofline outside on something that resembled an old bed and eating our meal on top of a table made out of an old leadlight window. We would’ve loved to have stayed till sundown as all the lights and lamps strung from the trees, bridge and every other conceivable place would have looked beautiful at night.

Now, on the third day of our stay in Seminyak we woke to the sound of rain. Heavy rain, and it didn’t stop.  A good day to stay in and watch movies hehe. Every so often we’d pop out onto the verandah at the rear of our villa to see the rising level of water from the creek behind. Our villa was built about a metre and a half above the ground and we were thankful for that. By 5pm that day the water had risen to the bottom of the concrete slab that the villa was built on. I was starting to wonder if it was time to move to higher ground. All we could see outside our villa was water, water everywhere. The rice fields next door were invisible and the Banana trees were halfway under water as well. Thankfully the water didn’t get any higher but as our bath was recessed into the floor of our villa the dirty water had backflowed back up into our bath. I’m glad I had showered earlier that day lol. I did however feel sorry for the delivery driver who brought us our dinner that night and made sure I tipped him well for his trouble.  The next morning the water had receded and I promptly called room service to come and clean our bath out so we could use it again.

If you’re souvenir hunting in Bali and can’t be bothered haggling with market sellers we found a couple of souvenir shops or warehouses if you like. They are huge!

Krisna is one such place. Located on Jl Sunset rd, Krisna has a huge variety of gifts and souvenirs to choose from and all at set prices. No haggling, it’s not needed as the prices are usually much cheaper than the markets. Be warned though as I found out, if you’re buying clothing, particularly shirts and tops. Buy one or two sizes bigger than you normally would as their sizing seems to be on the small side. And the tops shrink a little in the first wash.  Still, there is a lot of bargains to be had here. Another shop we found is called “Geneva Handicraft Centre” and it’s located a few kilometres away on Jl. Raya Kerobokan. Now, there is 2 floors of goodies to explore here. Everything from your cheap little trinkets right through to proper, collectible craftsman items. I bought some tops from here and I must say that they DO fit properly unlike Krisna.

We took a trip down to Kuta to have a look around. Tourist hotspot isn’t it?  Disappointed. First of all, the roads are mostly one way and that one way goes for about 3 kilometres. Unless you are familiar with the alleyways, you’re stuck with the main roads. The beach in Kuta is filthy with rubbish littering the waters edge. I remember reading on the ‘net “don’t swim at the beach” and we seen why. The best part of Kuta? The shopping malls and shops.

Finally we had to leave Bali, trust me, I didn’t want to. We had a ball and we can’t wait to go back. There is a hell of a lot of things to see and do in Bali and we only scratched the surface of it all.

Flying back from Bali with Jetstar, the plane was packed! Twice I’ve been overseas now(Philippines previously) and the flight to my destination was spacious having chosen my own seats with no-one around me so I can spread out. Flying back though, especially on the smaller 787 dreamliner it was a bit cramped, leading me to think that maybe next time I should book a seat in business class for the return trip hehe.

Anyhow, I’ve tried to keep my blog to a reasonable size otherwise I could be going for days lol.  In my next post I’ll do a quick review of various places that we stayed, ate at and seen.

If you enjoy the read, I hope you get something out of it. Don’t be afraid to comment or even ask questions. I’m happy to help


Wookie out


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