As you readers would have read in my previous posts about our Melbourne holiday we’ve tried to do a bit of exploring around Melbourne….The best city in the world!

This time we go a little further away and took a day trip down the Great Ocean Road. I know, not exactly Melbourne but hey….why not?  Leaving home at around 6am(that killed us, getting up that early lol) we drove down to our starting point, and brekky stop, Anglesea. After coffee and a pie we headed down to Airey’s Inlet to visit Split Point Lighthouse. One of a few still operating lighthouse’s it was built in 1891 so it’s…ahhh…old!   Nowadays access to the insides of the lighthouse is by tour only but you drive up and take a look around the lighthouse and the lookouts nearby almost anytime. For more information check out their site  HERE

Onwards to the “Official” start of the Great Ocean Rd. Even though we came down here during the week there is coach loads of tourists everywhere. It sometimes made getting a decent picture hard as they all seem to be in their own little worlds lol. Some even thought I was going to move my car out of THEIR way while I’m driving through the carpark. Not likely!! hehehe.

Next stop for us was Erskine Falls just north of Lorne. It’s a decent walk to get to the base of the falls, not too bad. But getting back up, man we were glad they had seating in several spots on the way back up. Walking back up to the carpark is an arduous journey but the waterfall is beautiful so it was well worth the trek. There is some views towards the top of the falls but no direct access but at the bottom there is a viewing platform and for the more adventurous you can walk over the rocks to get a better view of the falls and surrounds.


Gibson Steps was our next stop. With the carpark just off the road it’s a short walk to the steps. It’s a narrow little walkway down to the beach where there is some spectacular views on the beach. Walking along the beach you can get fairly close to some of the huge limestone pillars that rise out of the ocean. A beautiful beach surrounded by giant cliffs. As the carpark isn’t that big there wasn’t the coachloads of tourists that you’d find at some of the other attractions. Perfect!

The Twelve Apostles is a major attraction for visitors to the Great Ocean Rd with a new looking visitor centre with a massive carpark catering for cars and coaches alike. It’s also possible to take a helicoptor joyflight nearby taking you out for some spectacular views overhead.  From the visitor centre a short walk through the underpass will take you to the lookouts and the magnificent views out over the Twelve Apostles. Some of the Apostles have crumbled with age and wear from the ocean but I can see why so many people come here. Brilliant!

Our final destination for the day was Loch Ard Gorge. Another tourist attraction so lot of people here as well. No matter. There is a story surrounding Loch Ard Gorge too. In 1878 a large ship engraved with the name “Loch Ard” beached on a nearby island following a rough journey from England. Only 2 of the 54 passengers survived, A 15 year old boy by the name of Tom Pearce and a 17 year old girl called Eva Carmichael. Both passengers were washed ashore in the gorge where Tom raised the alarm to locals. The gorge has also featured in a couple of movies, something I didn’t know before lol. Due to the weather and erosion there will always be changes in the formations and cliffs so who knows, in 10-20 years it may look a bit different.

We would have loved to stay here and explore this area a bit longer but our lovely Victorian weather soon had everyone running for shelter as a sudden downpour tried soaking us through.


This was just one day on the Great Ocean Rd. We should have found somewhere to stay overnight perhaps as we are only just scratching the surface of sights and attractions down in this part of the world. More waterfalls, stone stacks, shipwrecks just to mention a few of the things to do and see. Let Google be your friend and check it out. To see and do everything along the Great Ocean Rd you’d maybe have to allow 3-4 days easy to have your adventure. I’ll add a few links to get you started.

That should keep you entertained for a little while hehehe.

Next post we’ll be back in Melbourne so enjoy and I hope to see you again

Wookie out